How can we help build a better world for you?

Our vision is to help make the world greener and transform urban transportation with smart and efficient solutions that leverage technology and superior design to reshape the commuting experience.

Green planet now! 

“Be part of a clean future. The only way to help combat global warming is awareness of the population and companies, we are creating a company with a focus on a better and greener world. If you believe in our idea and are interested in helping us. We are making available next month the opportunity to invest in X Mobility Motors in its initial phase, through a fundraising campaign in the Reg CF format approved by the (JOBS) Act of 2012. "

What is X Mobility Motors? 

Founder in 2018, Los Angeles CA, X Mobility motors was created by a new generation of technology enthusiasts with one goal in mind: help the world transition to sustainable transportation. With 5+ years of experience in developing electric vehicles, we carefully designed and perfected the most elegant electric solutions in the market. Our portfolio counts with a variety of solutions (E-Motorcycles, E-Bikes, E-Moped, E-Scooters and E-Skateboards) crafted to technology fans that care about clean energy solutions and are design lovers.


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